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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Cubico Coffee

23 November 2015

Thanksgiving is about family, friends and extraordinary food. We have collected several recipes infused with our favorite drink. This coffee inspired meal will keep you active and alert during this busy Holiday season.

Our main plate for your feast is turkey, after all Thanksgiving will not be the same without a turkey. We have come up with a sweet and savory recipe that would leave you carving for more. Check out our Cubico Coffee and Molasses Glazed Turkey.

Every turkey needs some gravy; they complement each other. Our Coffee and Sausage Gravy is different, tasty and ideal for those who are cutting crabs. The secret ingredient is of course coffee and vegetable gum (Xanthan Gum).

End supper with Pumpkin Latte Bars and a cup of your Cubico Coffee. It can be easy to get tired of pumpkin desserts, yet this dish is creamy, rich and filled with coffee flavor. Surely, it will reignite your love for the orange gourd.

This menu is adventurous; it would add an array of unique flavors to your Thanksgiving preparation. It will set you apart. Try them out and let us know how it went.

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