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About Colombian Coffee

02 May 2016

Of all the coffees in the world, Colombian coffee is one of the most popular and favorite among coffee drinkers for its rich taste, full flavor and exquisite aroma. Here are some facts that you should know about Colombian Coffee scene:

1. More than just a bean: For Colombians, coffee is not just an agricultural product, but a part of their national identity, culture and heritage. There are more than 500,000 coffee growers throughout the country, mainly farming families that have passed their knowledge and love for coffee from generation to generation. Colombian coffee farmers are passionate about their work. They take pride in growing high quality coffee, so much so that an institution known as the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FCN) was created to preserve and elevate the quality of the beans from tree to cup. 
2. A unique Coffee Federation: The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FCN) is a non-profit organization that defends the coffee growers interest and well-being. They ensure and guarantee that each and every coffee bean is grown in a sustainable manner, while applying the best quality standards through research, technology, training and education. The Federation has played an important role in placing Colombian Coffee as one of the best and most known coffees in the world.
3. Double season: Unlike most coffee growing regions around the world, Colombia has two harvest seasons. The first is known as the principal and the secondary harvest (typically smaller) is denominated as "mitaca". Most of the coffee in Colombia is grown around the Andes Mountains. Slopes, valleys and mountain ranges produce different microclimates, resulting in many coffee varieties with divers flavors characteristics.

Cubico Coffee offers two outstanding single origin form this country. Finca Providencia is bold and balance, with fruity flavors and a buttery finish. Nariño, grown by Alejandro Ahumado, has sweet and nutty notes with an intense acidity. What are you waiting for? Try these coffees for yourself.

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