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Arabica Vs Robusta; Which one is better?

02 October 2015

There are two major types of coffee plants that produce the vast majority of the coffee that we consume today. The first plant is known as “Coffea Arabica” better known as Arabica. The second plant’s name is “Coffea Canephora” or better known as Robusta. There are major differences between these two plants that allow them to produce completely different beans with divers flavor profiles and chemical composition.

Altitude and Temperature

Arabica: Most of the Arabica beans are produced in an altitude between 600 and 2,200 meters above sea level at a mild temperature between 15° - 24°C and an annual rainfall of about 1200 - 2200 mm/yr.

Robusta: Most of the Robusta beans are produced in an altitude between 0 and 800 meters above sea level and can withstand warmer temperatures between 18° - 36°C and an annual rainfall of about 2200 - 3000 mm/yr.

Yield and Production Costs

Arabica: The Arabica plant has a lower yield per plant than that of the Robusta plant. The Arabica plant also takes a longer period to produce its first yield. Giving it a higher production cost than that of the Robusta plant.

Robusta: The Robusta plant produces a higher yield of coffee beans per tree when compared to that of an Arabica plant. This plant also takes a shorter period of time to produce its first yield. Robusta coffee is easier to grow and harvest which means lower production costs.

Susceptibility to Pests and Disease

Arabica: The Arabica plant is very delicate and hard to maintain. They are a lot more susceptible to pests, diseases and weather conditions when compare to the Robusta plant.

Robusta: The Robusta plant is less susceptible to pests, diseases and weather conditions. Robusta plant’s extra caffeine concentration acts as a chemical defense against certain pests. Robusta are harder plants partly due to its higher Caffeine content.

The Bean Shape

Arabica: Arabica beans are oval; they have a somewhat larger and elliptical shape than Robusta beans.

Robusta: Robusta beans are circular; they are more round when compared to Arabica beans.


Arabica: Arabica Coffee has a wider variety of taste than Robusta Coffee. These flavors go from sweet and mild to tangy and sharp. It has a rich and aromatic pallet with different acidity range (depending on its origin) and subtle flavors. Such flavor tends to be fruity, sweet, floral, nutty, chocolaty, and winey among others. Arabica has almost twice the sugar concentration than Robusta; this fact is probably why Arabica taste is more appealing and flavorful. If you are looking for a low acid coffee that does not upset your stomach, always select Arabica.

Robusta: Robusta Coffee has a less variety of flavors. It is often described as burnt wood with a grainy kind notes. Robusta coffee is known to brew a strong, harsh, burned and bitter cup. Due to it's high caffeine concentration, Robusta coffee is less flavorful and bitterer than Arabica coffee.

Our Recommendation

The world’s premium coffees are made from Arabica beans. Coffee connoisseurs and specialty roasters agreed that Arabica has a superior taste and quality. Arabica coffee symphony of flavors, clearly outshines Robusta sharp and bitter taste. At Cubico Coffee taste and quality is essential. We only select the finest Arabica beans from high quality origins. We bring out the particular flavor and characteristics of each Arabica bean. We delivered the best gourmet coffee right to your door. Cubico Coffee offers 100% Arabica coffee; you will not find Robusta in any of our blends. When presented the choice, Cubico Coffee will always source the best Arabica beans from around the world. 

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