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Blends Just for You

02 October 2015

Mocha Java, (the combination of beans from Yemen and the Indonesian island of Java) is known as the earliest Coffee Blend on record. For quite a while, roasters have been blending coffee beans to create that special taste profile that differentiates themselves or their company from their competition. They are many factors behind coffee blending, such as beans availability, cost control, quality, flavor consistency, manage inventory and even blending for the purpose of creating that perfect cup. Yet, the main objective is to create a flavor that a customer can rely on over time.

When roasters are developing a new blend they think of what they want to achieve and aim for it, but according to their taste, company’s goal or what they assume consumers would like. Through blending, roasters can tinker and alter the coffee’s aromatics, sweetness, spiciness, acidity, body, balance and more. There is no doubt that creating a coffee blend grants a sense of proprietary flavor. At Cubico Coffee we want to change this. We want to give our customers the power to choose their blend and create a 100% Arabica Coffee that is unique to themselves. We even went beyond blend selection; we included roast type (Light City, City and Full City) and grind (Fine, Medium, Course and Whole Bean). You can select your signature blend. Our roaster is at your disposition to craft your perfect cup.

So, how does it work?

Just by following three simple steps (Blend, Roast and Grind) your dream coffee would be ready to ship. Now lets just focus on the blend. You can select up to four Arabica Coffee types from different high quality origins at any percentage rate until the total bean percentage sum 100. With over 12 beans to choose from the possibilities are endless. Each coffee has a detail description such as country of origin, variety, processing method, cupping notes and bean profile. You have the complete overall study. This way you can gain a better understanding of each coffee and became more educated.

Feel free to play around and mix beans together. Don’t be afraid to experiment. When taste and preferences are involved there is not a right or wrong answer. It is just too personal. While you may like sweeter coffee, others may not find it appealing and are looking for a bitter and earthy taste. It is your time to create your own flavor profile. We are giving you free range. You select the coffee’s origin, the ratio of beans used, roasting type and grind, you can even name it! There is complete transparency and traceability. We invite you to create your own coffee and experience our company’s motto. Coffee the way you like it!

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