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Coffee Pairing for the Holidays

16 December 2015

Coffee is a magical drink full of rich, complex flavors and pleasant aroma. But did you know that you could use coffee to its fullest potential by pairing it with food? Just like any wine or beer, the principal is still the same. First, analyze the flavors you want to taste and identify the dominant notes, then match up similar or complementary flavors in your beans with the ingredients in your plate. To get the most out of your cup of coffee and enhance your experience, Cubico Coffee has created a tasting menu that pairs our favorite Holiday desserts with coffee.

Pumpkin Pie

This classic Holiday dessert goes amazingly well with coffees from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. These coffee’s spicy notes, nutty and earthy tones, brings out the pie’s nutmeg, cinnamon and all spice flavor. We recommend Cubico Coffee Pacific Fire Blend or any single origin from the Indo-Pacific region. You can also try our Autumn Blend since it was develop to pair well with sweet and spicy seasonal dish.

Chocolate Deserts

Chocolate and coffee is heads down the favorite pairing. Chocolate can be pair with different single origin coffees and blends from Latin America and Africa. Among all the viable possibilities we prefer our House Blend and Cafeteros Blend. If your dessert features dark chocolate we suggest a Full City roast from the Indo-Pacific region. For chocolate dipped fruit desserts, select a single origin coffee with fruity acidity and cocoa notes such as our Ethiopia, Kenya or Burundi

Holiday Cookies

Sugar and Gingerbread cookies are part of the Holiday tradition. They are easy and fun to make since they can be frosted and decorated in countless ways. Sugar cookies can be pair with sweet and smooth coffees like Finca Los Ortiz (El Salvador), Cenfrocafe (Peru) or Santa Teresa (Mexico). Gingerbread cookies warm flavors like molasses, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg pairs good with our Autumn Blend


Bring the Holiday spirit into your home with these Cubico Coffee pairings. 

Happy Holidays!


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