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Coffee Seasonality

02 May 2016

Coffee, like any other agricultural product, has a harvest season. The harvest length of the various coffee farming regions around the globe have different schedules. Such dates can evolve over time and vary due to weather and environment changes. When it comes to nature, nothing is set in stone. We place close attention to such factors and estimate the production dates of every coffee to offer you the most flavorful and delicious cup. 

After the coffee is picked, processed, rested and shipped, the inevitable process of a very slow decline occurs. Most crops hold their flavor for a reasonable amount of time, yet every bean is different, some may fade sooner than others. No matter how good a coffee is, over time it begins to lose its quality and characteristics that made it a great coffee in the first place. That’s way at Cubico Coffee we offer coffees that are only at their prime, while they retain their vibrancy and natural traits. We are constantly selecting, adding and changing our offerings to ensure that you are getting the freshest coffees while they are at their best. 

The idea that coffee is a product that comes in and out of season is new for most coffee drinkers. Coffee is an amazing fruit affected by many variables.  A lot of work, time and dedication are involved in bringing this coffee to you. Next time you drink Cubico Coffee you will appreciate this beverage even more. 


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