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Coffee Storage

01 March 2016

Do you want to enjoy the best cup of coffee at home? Here are some golden principles you should follow to keep your beans at their peak and maximize your coffee’s flavor and freshness.

Coffee is perishable good. A few days after roasted, the full flavor of the coffee starts to reveal itself, but after a couple of weeks, its freshness, natural flavors and aroma begin to diminish.  

The first and most important rule is to select whole beans before ground coffee. Most people prefer ground coffee because it’s easy and convenient, yet its main pitfall is freshness. Ground coffee will go stale faster as the coffee is more susceptible to air, light, moisture and heat. By buying whole bean, the coffee will stay fresh for longer. Just grind the coffee right before brewing. When given the option always go for whole bean, trust us, you will notice the difference in the cup.

The second basic rule is to store coffee in a dry location at room temperature and avoid light, heat, steam, air and moisture exposure. There are different ways to accomplish this, like keeping your beans in an opaque airtight container or to leave it in the bag it came in. We recommend leaving your Cubico Coffee in its bag (since it can be easily resealed) and box. Our packaging was designed to extend the coffee shelf life by using the best barrier against any external elements that might compromise the coffee freshness and taste. 

There are a few things you need to avoid at all cause. Do not store coffee in any form, ground or whole, in the fridge. This common parctice does not extend the coffee's life. The moisture and humidity will have a negative effect in the taste of your coffee and alter its flavor.

When it comes to freezing, there are different views on the matter. Our take is to only consider freezing if you plan on keeping the coffee more than a month. Once the coffee is removed from the freezer, do not freeze it again, and allow it to reach room temperature before brewing. It is extremely important to use a fully airtight container to avoid freezer burns. Lastly, do not leave your coffee bag or container open at any time, as oxygen will accelerate the deterioration process. 

Bottom line: keep your Cubico Coffee beans in its bag and box. Such packaging will maintain the coffee natural flavors, quality and freshness for longer. 


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