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Fair Trade

02 October 2015

October is Fair Trade month. At Cubico Coffee we want to promote Fair Trade and educate our customers. We want to raise awareness.

Fair Trade is non-profit organization or social movement that helps producers and farmers in developing countries to get a fair price for their goods. It is a trading agreement that seeks equality and fairness when it comes to payments and rights. Their goal is that farmers are justly compensated for their work. It is not a charitable organization as they teach communities how to take advantage of the free market and build sustainable businesses.

Fair Traded coffee is a certification given to coffee beans that have been produced under Fair Trade standards. The purpose of this organization is to guarantee that coffee growers are always paid fair for their crop. It is intended to ensure equitable and better trading conditions. It links farmers with importers, to create long-term relationships based on transparency and respect. But Fair Trade is more than a trading partnership; it creates economic opportunities for disadvantaged farmers, provides healthy working environments and encourages sustainable agricultural practices without the use of chemicals and fertilizers.

By buying Fair Trade coffee, you are helping small coffee producers (family businesses, associations or cooperatives) to escape poverty and move from income insecurity to ownership and independence. Your purchase allows coffee farmers to build their pride and empower their community. You are making a difference in their lives. If you have not tried a rich cup of Fair Trade coffee before, use National Coffee Day as the perfect “excuse” to do so. You will be leaving a social, ethical and environmental footprint in the coffee world.

Cubico Coffee fully supports Fair Trade coffee. We are aware that Fair Trade coffee is a positive and responsible way to conduct coffee trade. Currently, we offer an Organic and Fair Trade coffee from Sumatra, Peru, Nicaragua and Honduras. We are constantly looking for more coffees to add to our list. Stay tuned for more.

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