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How to pick the right roast for your beans

07 January 2016

At Cubico Coffee you can select the roast level of your beans. This is one of the most important factors that will influence the taste of your coffee. Check out this quick guide to determine which roast level is the best for you. 

The most common way to classify the roast levels is by the color of the roasted beans, which range from light all the way to dark. During roasting, coffee beans absorb heat and their color gradually begins to change. As the roasting process extends the beans will turn darker.

We have divided the roasting levels in three: Light City (Light), City (Medium) and Full City (Dark).

Light City


Light brown in color with a toasted grain flavor and pronounced acidity. It perfectly showcases the characteristics of the country of origin. It is said to be the roast of the extreme because you can taste “too much” of the beans’ flavors. Light City coffees have a complex acidity and usually are not balanced.


Medium brown in color with a fuller body and a more robust flavor. The roast flavor is imposed, yet the coffee's origin is still noticeable. At this roasting level flavors are fully developed. The result is a combination of acidity, intense flavor and rich aroma that brings out a balanced and complete coffee. 

Full City

Medium dark brown in color with a heavy body, increased sweetness and a slight bittersweet aftertaste. Roast character and smoky notes dominates the beans’ origin. At this point, the acidity tends to be muted. 

Roast level is a matter of preference. Our suggestion is to think about the type of coffee you usually take or like. For instance:
Are you a big time espresso lover? Choose a Full City roast, as the extraction tends to work best with darker roast. 
Do you like a well-balanced cup of coffee? Select a City roast. 
Do you take your coffee straight, with no sugar or milk, and want to savor the natural characteristics of the coffee? Light City roast will be your best choice. 

If you are not sure what roast to select we recommend our City roast, this roast level is perfect as the roast character are noticeably but the origin distinctions are still clear. This roast can be described as the “best of both worlds”. Now, you have all the necessary information to pick up the right roast for your beans. Make your own custom coffee today!


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