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Love, Marriage & Good Coffee

02 October 2015

All you need is love and coffee. David Pedlow knows and practices this belief. The 70-year-old man drove his electric bicycle form England to France just to get his beloved wife, Jackie Pedlow, her favorite coffee. Jackie was running low on coffee and David took this opportunity to prove his forever love. He crossed the English Channel just for her… well and for the coffee too. Overall, David traveled around 250 miles and spent $185 for coffee plus ferry tickets. Surely, love and coffee go hand in hand.

David’s love gesture its hard to mimic, and if your other half read the story, they are probably complaining about your lack of romanticism. Whether this is the case or not, Cubico Coffee is here to help. Our “Customize Your Coffee” section, allows you to create a coffee blend by mixing up to 4 beans form different regions. Based on your significant other taste and likes you can gift them their own and one of a kind coffee. It is a very thoughtful and original present. With so many options (beans) to choose from the possibilities that someone else will have the same blend are slim to none. They will feel cherished and loved. In a sense, you did cross the English Channel for love and coffee. We invite you share the love of Cubico Coffee.

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