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National Espresso Day

22 November 2015

Today, it’s National Espresso Day. The espresso machine is a modern invention developed by the Italian during the late 19th and early 20th century. Its purpose was to reduce the brewing time. In fact, espresso means coffee made to order immediately at express speed. Espresso can be described as the purest extraction of coffee. It is a preparation method in which high-pressure hot water is forced through finely ground coffee to produce a very concentrated drink with intense and deep flavors. The result is a highly concentrated coffee.

A good espresso should be aromatic, sweet, rich, bitter, but not too bitter with bold flavors, pleasant acidity and a long-lasting aftertaste. A natural and creamy tan colored layer of crema is created on top of the espresso. Crema is part of the visual lure of espresso causing that “Guinness effect”.

Cubico Coffee offers an exceptional Espresso blend that perfectly balance sweetness and acidity. We selected big coffee with lots of flavors. You can taste chocolate, caramel, sugar, citric acidity, floral and nutty notes. Our Espresso Blend produces a savory, sweet, fruity and acidic coffee. It brews a full-bodied cup, rich, velvety and sweet, with intense aroma and bright acidity.

Since it’s invention this magical drink has dominated our coffee breaks. We invite you to raise your cup and celebrate with a shot of Cubico Coffee Espresso Blend.


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