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New Years Resolutions

13 January 2016

January it’s all about New Years Resolution. You probably made a list with a bunch of things you want to do or improve, but let’s be real, most likely by the end of next month you have already throw in the towel. Cubico Coffee is here to help you tackle your resolutions and reach your goals. 

Let’s say some of your resolutions are any of the following:

1. Be more active, do more exercise: It been confirmed that coffee can boost your workout performance. It gives you more energy and focus, as its decreases muscle soreness. Make your time at the gym more enjoyable and drink a cup of Cubico Coffee before exercising.

2. Lose weight: There is a reason why so many dietary supplements are adding coffee as their main ingredient. Caffeine and other important compounds found in coffee suppress your desire to eat, reduce fat while burning more calories and stimulate your metabolism. 

3. Improve your personal relationships: Coffee has a way to engage us, to link us with one another and improve our social live. Nothing is more regarding than a well-deserved coffee talk with a good cup of coffee. Next time, share your Cubico Coffee with someone else; it would enrich your relationship. 

4. Try new things: What a better way to step out of your comfort zone than by drinking Cubico Coffee?. Stay away of your regular cup of coffee and immerse yourself in the Cubico Coffee world. We are constantly featuring new blends and divers single origins. Take the leap and try something different and extraordinary. 

Start the year just right; we are ready to assist you along the way.



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