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Release of Geisha - Costa Rica

08 February 2016

Geisha is one of the most renowned and sought after varieties of coffee in the world. According to legend, this precious coffee variety was discovered in the 1930s in the mountains of Geisha, a town located in southwestern Ethiopia. From there, the seeds were brought to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and lastly to Latin America. First, it was introduced in Costa Rica and later on in Panama.

For decades, this coffee variety fell into obscurity, mostly because all coffee plants were grown together without any varietal distinction whatsoever and Geisha cherries were never consumed on their own. Yet by 2004, this panoramic changed. An enterprising farm in Panama, took notice of the Geisha plant for its appearance and unique flavor profile. They reintroduced Geisha to the world in a cupping competition that blew the judges and coffee connoisseurs away. Since then, many coffee farmers around the world have started to cultivate this exotic coffee.

Thanks to its complex, delicate and very rare cup profile; Geisha has made a lasting impression in the specialty coffee scene and has gained many followers. Cubico Coffee offers an outstanding Geisha from Costa Rica. Such coffee is grown in a farm that provides an exceptional level of care in farming, handling and processing. This coffee produces a clean cup with a light body, gently acidity, sugary sweetness, floral notes and invigorating aroma. A Light City or City roast is highly recommended to preserve the coffee’s unique flavor and fragrance. Without a doubt, it is an excellent single origin coffee to enjoy, and will definitely add life to any blend. Currently, we are offering an exquisite Geisha Blend that combines this fine Costa Rican coffee varietal with high quality beans from Colombia. 

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