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Your Future in a Cup of Coffee

25 October 2015

Who knew that a cup of coffee could foresee your future? That’s right, your future.

Coffee reading is an ancient cultural practice that started in Turkey back in the 16 century. By studying and interpreting the residual coffee grounds left after consuming a cup of Turkish coffee, the coffee reader can predict your fortune. Today, this is known as tasseography and it is very popular in Turkey, Greece, Russia, Bosnia, North Africa and the Middle East, yet each region or country has its own rituals and traditions.

Coffee readers are able to decode the patterns, symbols and images left by the coffee grounds and tell your past and future. In order to perform the reading, follow our Turkish coffee brew method and add an extra half-teaspoon of ground coffee. This will create a thicker consistency needed for a more suitable and accurate reading. Remember that a fine grind coffee (commonly known as Turkish grind) should be used. It is important to pour your coffee into a white coffee cup. Include a coffee plate or saucer, as the coffee teller will need it to complete the prediction.

Practicing coffee reading requires knowledge, experience and intuition. Some people do it professionally, but everyone can do it. It’s really fun to do. If you want to give it a try, follow these general rules.

1. Never interpret your own cup.
2. Don’t give your cup to someone else to cross-validate the reading.
3. Always start form the cup’s handle. Move from right to left if the person is right-handed or left to right for left-handed.

For a proper setup and reading, drink your coffee calmly from the same side of the cup. Just before taking your last sip, make a wish. Place the saucer over the cup and sealed it properly. With the saucer still covering the top, turn the cup clockwise to spread the sediments. Turn the cup upside down onto the saucer and give it to the coffee reader for the interpretation to begin.

The coffee reader will divide the cup into separates areas. The right side has positive connotations whereas the left side has negative ones. The lower half talks about the past and the bottom predicts future events. The symbols will also be observed and study. Each symbol has a specific interpretation, for instance a ring means new love affairs and marriage and a flower represents happiness. Most of the times, symbols are hard to see. Imagination and vision play an essential role. After the interpretation of the cup is done, it’s time to read the saucer.

Coffee reading is a different and extremely cool divination method used to satisfy our curiosity. Not to mention that you would be killing two birds with one stone. So, what are you waiting for? Leave the Tarot cards behind and get a cup of Cubico Coffee!

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