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When coffee and art merge, magical things happen

02 December 2015

Cubico Coffee’s love and admiration for art and the artists who create it, motivated us to design a unique, durable and elegant package. Our inspiration is none other than Pablo Picasso and his modern approach to embody art. This new style that changed the way we look at art today was called Cubism. Picasso’s goal was to develop a new way to represent reality by rejecting the conventional norm that art should be realistic and copy natural forms. He wanted to emphasize the two-dimension of the picture plane and reduced objects into basic geometric forms.

 Cubico Art

Cubico Coffee shares Picasso’s thinking; we want to show our customers a new way of seeing, or in this case a new way to blend beans. This concept breaks with the traditional method of blending coffee. We want to empower our customers to create their own blend by using our coffee customizer. Our package design also push the predetermine boundaries. For us, roasting coffee is an art form, and by making it accessible to our consumers, we’re redefining the craft and creating something new. By selecting a geometric form or cube-shaped package we’re honoring this art movement and artist.

As you might see, we are true art enthusiast. Coincidentally, Cubico Coffee is located in Miami, a global art destination, cherished and enjoyed by many. In fact, this week the city will host multiple art events. We invite you to visit Miami Art Week and support art in any of its forms, even if it comes in a coffee package.

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