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Nutty tobacco flavor with a heavy mouth-feel and some acidic citrus notes.


After Taste

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is admired for its silky smooth and well-balanced aroma, vibrant yet smooth acidity, and full body. Its sweet and mellow lingering finish elevates this coffee among others making it one of the finest and most expensive coffees in the world.

What Makes Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Special?

Blue Mountain Coffee beans are grown in the majestic hills that crown the island of Jamaica. These mountains present the perfect condition for farming coffee, thanks to its rugged terrain, rich soil, natural shade and misty and cool climate with lots of rain. In other to be labeled as authentic Blue Mountain coffee, the gourmet coffee beans must comply with a number of regulations set by the Coffee Industry Broad of Jamaica such as quality control and coffee classification by size, color, and density. The first and most important criteria is elevation. Only the coffee grown between 3,000 and 5,500 feet can be certified as 100% Blue Mountain Coffee. The Coffee Industry Broad of Jamaica own the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee trademark, they are responsible for the integrity of the brand. They constantly monitor, guide and regulate the coffee industry in Jamaica to ensure that its high standards are met.

Cubico Coffee offers certified Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. They can either buy it pure single-bean coffee, or added to their customized blend.

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