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How much caffeine is in a cup of coffee?

Fri, Oct 2, 2015

Coffee and caffeine go hand in hand; when you drink a cup of coffee you are consuming caffeine, but what exactly is caffeine? In its pure form, caffeine is a bitter white crystalline alkaloid powder that normally is added to soft and energy drinks. Caffeine is a compound that stimulates the nervous system and brain function. It is found in leaves, seeds and fruits. Caffeine is naturally produced by more than 60 plants species, like coffee, tea, yerba mate, cocoa, guarana, kola nuts and more. For coffee drinkers, caffeine is that magical drink that increases your energy level heightens your alertness and reduces your sleepiness.

The amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee varies according to the species of the coffee plant. Such plants are Coffea Arabica and Coffee Canephora (better known as Robusta). The caffeine content is also influenced by a number of factors such as the genetic subspecies or varietal of the coffee, processing method, time of harvest, length of the season, local environment and where the plant was planted. All these elements give each coffee a distinctive and unique characteristic; therefore it is logical that the caffeine level differs from bean to bean. The coffee blend, the roast intensity, the amount of coffee used, and even the brewing technique can also determine the caffeine concentration.

There are several ways that the amount of caffeine can be increase or decrease in a cup of coffee. Juts keep in mind the specie of the plant, roast intensity, amount of coffee used, and brew method.

For a coffee with a higher caffeine level

• Choose Robusta: These beans have twice the caffeine level than Arabica, even though they are less flavorful and their taste and quality is lower.
• Choose a lighter roast (Light City): A lighter roast tends to have higher caffeine content than a darker roast.
• Choose more coffee: More coffee used, no matter the brewing method, the higher caffeine content.
• Choose a longer brewing method: As the coffee stays longer time in contact with the water, the more caffeine will be accumulated. We recommend drip brew.

For a coffee with a lower caffeine level

• Choose Arabica: Arabica beans have half of the caffeine content than Robusta.
• Choose a darker roast (Full City): A darker roasts tends to have lower caffeine content than a lighter roast.
• Choose less coffee: Less coffee used, no matter the brewing method, the lower caffeine content.
• Choose a shorter brewing method: As the coffee stays shorter time in contact with the water, the less caffeine will be accumulated. We recommend espresso.

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