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Fri, Oct 2, 2015


Java coffee is a coffee cultivated in the island of Java, Indonesia. It is the second oldest single origin coffee after Yemen, and the first coffee planting area under European control. Coffee is not a native plant to the island. Holland took the initiative and started to grow coffee in their colonial possession. The Dutch successfully run coffee plantations and held a monopoly on coffee trade until Indonesia claimed their independence in 1949. Since its early beginnings, coffee has played an important role in the country’s economical grow and development.

Java is not only the oldest coffee region in Indonesia; it is also the most productive one and is highly renowned for its gourmet Arabica coffee with a clean and fruity profile. Java is a wet process coffee, which results in a clean cup without earthy qualities. A good Java coffee has a relatively heavy body, a moderate acidity with some fruit citrus qualities and an herbaceous aftertaste. Cubico Coffee has a Java coffee from Wonosobo. Try one of the oldest coffees in the world.

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