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Low Acid Coffee

Fri, Oct 2, 2015


Do you suffer from acid reflux or stomach irritation and are looking for a friendly coffee? You are not alone; many coffee drinkers suffer from these conditions and are looking for a low acid coffee alternative. Cubico Coffee 101 guide will help you with your search.

First, always select Arabica beans over Robusta. Studies have shown that one of the causes for acid reflux is high intake of caffeine. Arabica beans have less caffeine content than Robusta, so by drinking Arabica coffee you are less susceptible to acid reflux and heartburn. You can rest assure than Cubico Coffee will always use the highest quality Arabica bean.

Second, pick a bean with a naturally low acidity like a Brazil Natural or a coffee from Indonesia. It should have a low acidity score in our acidity meter, either 1 or 2 beans. You can also select an organic coffee given that the process is cleaner as it is cultivated the natural way. Yet, it can be omitted since it will not influence the acidity of the coffee a great deal.

Third, go with a darker roast. Researches have found that caffeine and two plant compounds (catechols and n-alkanoly-5-hydroxtryptamides) cause stomach irritation. By selecting a darker roast, in our case Full City roast, the acidity is reduced considerably. A darker roast coffee is also going to have lower levels of caffeine than a lighter roast. Remember than a darker roast can also mask a coffee’s origin profile, so it is very important to consider the qualities of the green bean before roasting it. Keep in mind than robust coffees with strong flavors like chocolate and earthiness can be roasted dark and still maintain their character. But delicate coffees such as Ecuador’s Finca Maputo or Ethiopia Yirgachaffe with herbal, floral and citrus notes can lose their intrinsic flavor and qualities when roasted.

If you want to create a low acid coffee blend you must select a coffee with low acidity range, opt for an organic coffee (if available) and choose a Full City roast. Just follow these simple steps; your stomach will be grateful.

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