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Coffee Roaster

Fri, Oct 2, 2015


What makes coffee so enjoyable by many is not only the bean (its origin and its distinctive flavor profile), it’s the roast. Roasting coffee is a chemical process that alters green beans into roasted coffee. In such process, the aroma, the acids and flavors that are locked inside the green beans come to life. By applying heat to raw beans, oils start to release and natural sugars begin to caramelize, contributing to the bean’s colors and flavors. Roasting is a complex chemical transformation that give rise to hundreds of new compounds. The roaster is responsible in creating and balancing the flavor, acidity, aftertaste, aroma and body of the coffee. They can also tinker and alter the coffee’s qualities according to their personal taste or company’s flavor profile.

There are multiple ways to roast coffee, yet technology has influenced in the way we roast coffee. In the past, coffee was normally roasted in a pan over some wood or coal. Today, coffee is mostly roast by two different types of roasters, which are: the drum roaster and the fluid bed roaster. The drum roaster consists of a rotating drum that spins the beans in a heated environment, where hot gases transfer heat to the drum and the drum heats the beans. The process continues until the beans reached the desire roast profile. In a fluid bed roaster or air roaster, the beans are cooked by pushing hot air through the moving beans. This method, that relies on hot air as a way of transferring heat to the beans, is one of the most substantial advances in the development of coffee roasting.

Roasting is a technical skill and an art form that takes years of experience and knowledge to perfect it. Roasting seeks the balance between art and science. A coffee roaster is essential to bring out the different characteristics of coffee. But more than a coffee roaster, a roaster expert is required. A roaster expert must be able to read the essence of the bean, introduce its intrinsic flavor and make the correct decisions when necessary. There are multiple ways and techniques to roast coffee and technology is always influencing the way we roast. With more than 127 year of family experience, Cubico Coffee has perfected the art of roasting. We aim to emphasize our coffees complex flavors in a balanced way. Our goal is to preserve and highlight our coffees unique character.

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