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Specialty Coffee

Fri, Oct 2, 2015


The term specialty coffee is used to describe higher quality coffees, both single origin and blends, in which every process (growing, picking, grading, roasting and preparation) is carefully control in order to achieve high quality standards, and consequently an excellent cup of coffee.

Specialty coffee represents the very best of the world’s coffee production. It begins at the origin of coffee, the cultivation of a particular varietal in a specific growing region of the world. Its follows by the farmers, who tend and take care of the plant. They grow the coffee trees, pick the cherries when they are perfectly ripe, let the beans develop and prepare the green coffee beans for export.

The next step is roasting. Roasting brings out a coffee’s flavor potential and distinctive character. A good roaster constantly works to uphold and highlight the coffee’s intrinsic features and greatness. Then comes the brewing. There are various methods to extract coffee flavor into water. Each method has different results even when the same coffee is used. Any brewing method is capable to produce a specialty coffee, but only if its done correctly. It takes time, precision and knowledge to brew a specialty cup of coffee.

In the end, specialty coffee is defined in the cup. Every step that the coffee goes through, from harvest (growing, picking, processing and grading) to roasting and finally brewing has to be done under high quality standards. Given all the effort, hard work and dedication that it takes to produce specialty coffee; Cubico Coffee protects and respects it’s meaning. We will simply not call ourselves specialty coffee if we don’t deserve it.

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