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Our Process

  • Selecting and Picking

    Cubico Coffee allows customers to create their own coffee by mixing the finest coffee from around world. We select the best varieties and highest quality of raw coffee beans and carefully track their origins to ensure ethical sourcing. Coffee plants produce their best beans when grown at high altitudes in a tropical climate. Such conditions are found around the world in locations along the Equatorial zone. Our bean diversity and selection ranges from Latin American countries, to tropical islands, to African safari destinations, to beautiful and enchanted far-off regions in Asia.

    Step 1
  • Roasting

    Cubico Coffee uses an automatic coffee roaster based on hot air system to produce superior quality coffee. Our roaster ensures that green coffee beans are roasted to perfection consistently and evenly every time. This technology uses "convection" to deliver heat and has special roast characteristics. The result is full flavored and aromatic coffee.

    Step 2
  • Grinding

    The practice of grinding coffee beans is designed to ensure the preservation of the coffee's natural taste, aroma and other properties until it is ready to be prepared. Freshness is the essence of great coffee, but only the proper and precise grinding of that coffee will bring the aromatics and true flavors out of the bean. Our machine is capable of grinding small batches at continuous full cycle. 

    Step 3
  • Packing and Shipping

    Cubico Coffee monitors all phases of production to ensure the conservation of the coffee’s properties. Every process and detail of our business is designed to deliver the best quality coffee to our customers. Carefully roasted-to-order and packed in a special box labeled with your name. Cubico Coffee guarantees that your coffee will be fresh, properly roasted, well packaged, and delivered straight to your door.

    Step 4
  • Enjoy

    Your Cubico Coffee has arrived!. Brew it, and satisfy your taste buds with new, different and exciting flavors. The world of coffee is at your fingertips. Cubico Coffee allows you create your very own unique and exclusive coffee by mixing the finest Arabica beans from around the world. Coffee the way you like it, nothing less!

    Step 5

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