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Cubico Coffee provides custom blends to our wholesale partners. We are looking for restaurants, bakeries or any other business that wants to serve specialty coffee. We welcome those who share our same principles when it comes to coffee and high quality. 

  • Choosing Your Blend

    Coffee is a tale to be told. The stories entwined in our blends and their origins are rich in tradition and legend. Our goal is to empower you with this knowledge to pass onto your customers so they in turn will tell the story. Our flexibility allows you to choose from the following 3 options:

    - Single Origin

    - Premium Specialty Blend

    - Signature House Blend

    Step 1
  • Single Origin

    Single origin is coffee grown within one geographical location, usually from just one farm or estate. At Cubico Coffee, we offer 22 vibrant single origin from around the world. Each bean has its unique flavor profile, which is shaped by factors such a plant variety, altitude, sun exposure, soil and farming techniques.

    Step 2
  • Premium Specialty Blends

    Our master roasters at Cubico Coffee have beautifully combined our single origin to create a variety of unique, high quality combination blends for your enjoyment. These combinations are known as Cubico Coffee Specialty Blends and are the perfect balance of flavor and complexity.

    Step 3
  • Signature House Blend

    Take coffee to the next level… Imagine a coffee that you crafted yourself, combining the melodic notes of the best single-origin into a rich symphony. At our roasting facility, we can assist you in creating that perfect Signature House Blend for your business. Offering premium beans variety from all regions of the world, we have the ability to provide your business endless gourmet blend selections.

    Step 4
  • How to Create Your Blend

    It starts with a tasting session at your location. We give you a private cupping session to taste the latest blends we have available. You will be able to learn about the flavors and aromas, textures and mouth-feel of our coffees and how you can bring together different beans to find the perfect balance. You can go for a light fruity cup or a bespoke coffee with a heavy body. Your Signature House Blend will not be sold to anyone else. It will be uniquely yours and only roasted to order when you request it!

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